5 Steps to SEO Reseller Profits

Seo resellers

Most people (61%) who are online use the internet to find and look up goods and services. Searches that drive traffic to a website are 300% better at driving customers to a web page than using social media channels. Moreover, most people ignore paid ads and promoted sites and prefer to go to the organically found pages when they use search engines like Google. This means having a good search engine optimization plan is crucial for your success. It is why SEO resellers are in such high demand. It is for that reason that so many people do searches for things like, “5 steps to SEO reseller profits.”

5 Steps to SEO Reseller Profits:

  1. Get to know SEO. If you are going to sell search engine optimization services, you have to understand how it all works and how it fits into any business’s plan. This has to be the first step in the top 5 steps to SEO. reseller profits. If you do not understand or cannot explain the role keywords play in creating great content that pops your clients up to the top of a Google search, this might not be your best business opportunity. Your strategy is only half complete when you implement it. You also need to explain it to your clients.
  2. Find your niche. You should work with businesses you know and understand well. This is not to say you cannot diversify your client basis. Maybe your niche is not a certain kind of company but a particular location. Either way, you need to understand what makes that business successful. What kinds of customers and clients are they looking for? When people search for the goods and/or services they provide, what do they look for? Learn everything about your clients’ business plans from their marketing strategies to their customer base. A personal connection with these area businesses can be the difference between landing a new client and not.
  3. Do your groundwork. Before you show up at a meeting with a prospective client do all your research. Draft up a plan for how to will expand their client or customer base by increasing traffic to their website. Have a plan of action ready to implement. Have as much hard data with you to show them the way they can be helped. Bring charts with facts and figures. Working with SEO can generate real, tangible results. You need to be able to explain to your prospective clients what it will all mean. Do not oversell what you do. This will just lead to disappointment but do show them some of your success stories.
  4. Get to know businesses in your area. Take time to get out of your office to meet the local businesses you want to work with. Make it a point to go in and introduce yourself to prospective clients in person. It is entirely too easy for a person to ignore and avoid cold calls and emails but it is harder to ignore someone who is standing in front of you. Go in and talk up your business and who the how you can help them become more successful.
  5. Be the best. Provide the best service for your price. Follow up with clients to see how they are doing and if they have any questions about the progress you have made or what is happening with their account. Be in contact enough to show that you can about them and their business but not enough to be annoying. Put our reports about their account and the progress you have made that are easy to read. Do not use jargon when you can avoid it. Be the kind of service provider you wish you had. It is really not enough to do a good job but you need to explain how you are doing your clients a great service by working with them. This is an important one of the 5 steps to seo reseller profits.

You know your business. You understand the 5 steps to seo reseller profits. You do a good job for your clients. You can explain your plan and make sure your clients get what they are looking for with a better SEO strategy.

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