Tips for Turning Your SEO Reselling Business Into a Money-Making Machine

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Every business in the world today has a website, and every business website needs help with search engine optimization (even if they don’t know they do…yet). Because search engine optimization is so necessary for businesses to create an online presence, becoming an SEO reseller is one of the best ways to make a living online these days. If you’re just getting started, you should pay attention to the following tips we have to offer regarding how to make money reselling SEO.

How to Make Money Reselling SEO

  1. Set Your SEO Reselling Business Apart From the Rest
    First of all, make sure you work with an SEO firm who offers a wide range of services that you can leverage to really benefit your clients. As an SEO reseller, you’re only as valuable as the tools in your tool belt.

    Secondly, set yourself apart from other SEO resellers by preparing yourself before any potential client meetings with research on the client’s market, and the greatest challenges businesses in their industry face in the online world. It’s even better if you can run metrics on the online health of the business you’re working with, and compare them to average metrics for other businesses in the industry. Not only does this give you a great platform to create an SEO plan that a potential client won’t be able to resist, your due-diligence will wow the socks off of the business owners and really set you apart from your competitors.

  2. Offer a Diverse Range of Services
    Imagine you’re going camping. Would you rather carry a pocket knife, screwdriver, scissors, and pliers separately, or would your rather have a compact gadget that includes all of the tools you need for your outing? Likewise, a potential client is going to be more likely to hire you if you can be their Swiss army knife and provide all of the online services they need, saving them the hassle and expense of hiring several different services to cover their online needs. Beyond search engine optimization, expand your expertise to cover social media marketing, pay-per-click advertisement, content management, and web design. Not only will this make you attractive to potential clients, each service you offer will expand your revenue stream.
  3. SEO Yourself
    Just as you would not let a hair stylist who has a terrible ‘do take a whack at your hair, if your website needs SEO help, it will shake the confidence potential clients have in you. Before you make a single client presentation, make sure your own website is a great example of your talents and strengths.
  4. Constantly Review and Adapt
    You should constantly reflect on what is working and what is not. If you’re having a hard time closing deals, honestly ask yourself what part of your pitch is causing the bottleneck. If you have a tactic that is effective, how can you replicate it to improve the areas that are not?

    Beyond just getting sales, you should use the same habit of constant reflection and improvement with the services you offer your clients. Not every online marketing strategy is going to be a home run for every business. Identify what isn’t improving your clients’ online presence and make suggestions for changes as necessary. Your regular review and improvement will help your clients gain confidence in the service you offer. Happy clients are loyal clients, and happy clients make more happy clients!

Do you have any suggestions for how to make money reselling SEO? Please share in the comment section below.

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