Tips for Learning the SEO Trade


If you work with any websites, perhaps you manage your company or organization’s site, you have heard about search engine optimization or SEO. All companies want their pages to appear at the top of a Google or Yahoo search. Most traffic to websites today is driven by Google so having them rank your page so that it is the top site from a search, or at least on the first page of a search, can be crucial in driving traffic. Studies show that most people never look past that first page of a search so learning the SEO trade can be very important.

More than 90% of users experience with a website starts with Google or another search engine. Learning the SEO trade does take some effort. Here are some tips that can help you learn the SEO trade.

  1. Content is king. One way to keep yourself on track with content creation is to make a calendar to schedule when you will publish new material. Nearly 61% of marketers admit they do not produce new content because of the time it takes. Having a calendar can help prevent you from neglecting this very important part.
  2. Look at social trends and learn to “newsjack.” If you need a place to find ideas for your content, social media is a great resource. Both Twitter and Facebook have a trending topics so you can see if any of those can apply to your company and the services or products you provide. When you write content around a story that is trending it is called “newsjacking.” As you are learning the SEO trade, that can be a helpful place to start.
  3. Research what has worked before. Tools like Goole Analytics can show you what people have been searching for in Google. What keywords did they use? When you are learning the SEO trade, you will find that the right keywords are everything.
  4. Ask your customers what they want. Polls and surveys are great ways to get people more engaged in your site and lets you know what they interests them. The more information you can have about your customers, the better you are able to reach more people like them. If you sell lawnmowers, you want to know what drives people looking to buy lawnmowers to a website.
  5. Make your content visual. Whether it is by creating a video blog or adding images to your content, you reach people easier when you use visual content. People process images much faster than text, nearly 90% of the information processed by our brains is from visual sources. As you learn the SEO trade, you may be inclined to stick to text but visual content will be more compelling to your customer base.
  6. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can update some older content, expand it or just repackage it. The point is that if you have content on a particular subject, you can reuse it.

Learning the search engine trade can lead to new business opportunities for you. SEO reseller programs are growing rapidly and many companies need these services. Many businesses use outsourced SEO service programs to provide content and drive traffic to their websites.

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